- Hello, I am Jarrick, a graphic designer based in Hengelo.

I create vector based designs with a strong focus on logo & visual identity design.

I believe that design can make a positive impact on people and it helps you to clearly communicate your brand, product or idea.



After my Bachelor of Art & Technology, I have spend the last 10 years designing across branding, digital and print. Gaining experience in design & marketing agencies and while on freelance and personal projects and concepts.

I specialize in logo and visual identity design where I strive for simplicity and clarity. I believe a clear story is essential in every design. This way, your message is clear and simple, but powerful. 

Currently, I am freelance graphic designer at Soccer Camps United, creating crossmedia campaigns and experiences used and seen by thousands of people every year.


Besides that I am a passionate FC Twente supporter and active in supportersclub SV Hengelo. 

I like going to the home and away matches from FC Twente and I take design tasks upon me for SV Hengelo such as the logo & identity design, social media and the website. Next to that I like to travel and find it a great source of inspiration.


years work experience as
a graphic designer.


logo design & visual identity projects.


born in the U.S.A. in 1987, on Monday the 8th of June.


different online & digital products & projects.


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